Holen Sabrina Kahn / Bright and Dangerous Pictures
"Everyone wants the best for their children. For a small cost we provide genetic possibilities to enhance your child's prospects in the world. What we lack we shall soon be able to provide our children. Now as never before, success requires every possible advantage. With this in mind, Flotsam is secretly collaborating with sympathetic scientists at many top research institutions around the world in order to make available to the public DNA from some of the most exciting recently discovered genes. Consistent with our mandate, we have made every effort to keep the cost of these DNA's as reasonable as possible. We seek no profit. Our pricing structure is designed to ensure a steady flow of genetic material from our brave sources, as well as cover the costs of the few little legal matters that necessarily attend such a project. Unfortunately, current federal regulations prevent the implantation of new genes into in vitro fertilized embryos. However, patented technologies for such procedures exist. It’s only a matter of time.
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