To rest, to dream, to evoke the traces of the disintegration of memory, I have become a digger; excavating, shovel in hand, aiding and abetting the upturning of the earth.

An act of protection against memory's inner lining, forgetting.

Holen Sabrina Kahn

Bending mediums; film, video, installation, photography, text, painting and performance, this practice is an ongoing investigation. Through varied terrains - geographic and metaphoric - through gesture and the poetics of slowness - these projects invite the viewer as a participant in this sojourn.

Wander through shifting identities and drifting continents. Move into unfamiliar territory, the abyss of geography interconnected by the convergence of histories, become the interrogator, and the interrogated – an archeologist on a landscape of fault-lines.

Silence, static, darkness, din.
Lead – materials mired to this earth – overtime they shift, melt, erode, rust, decay.